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What Megan Thinks: About Hollywood’s Perfect Bikini Body & Their Sizes?

Winter is soon going to end and summer is arriving and now this is a perfect time to get your bikini body on the beach and show off your gorgeous curves and your shape. This is a kind of trend that picks up by Hollywood recently and almost all Hollywood babe’s are ready to show off in summer and that’s what makes most of us get such a body and everyone starts thinking about getting in such a shape.

Many peoples asked me what’s my view on this? and do we really care about getting such shape and size at all? and what is the perfect size of bikini body from my point of view?

Many of my social media followers ask me about Kate Upton’s body and recently she has been featured in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit and many peoples always get amazed by her sexy size and lost their mind on her bra size.

Also young and talented and Instagram sensation Gigi Hadid also got featured in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit recent issue which also got a lot of peoples attention. That makes me curious as well to know about Gigi Hadid size as well.

And as always Kardashian’s always been in news controversies and Kim Kardashian body size is always bee topic of discussion.

So, what’s my view on all of this?

I personally think that getting in shape is necessary for everyone and the only problem that I’ve is when people tell me about their goals when they want to get in shape only in summers to get bikini on but from my view you’ve to be conscious about your size forever. Not only during summers.

Just take time and visit or read Celeb Health Magazine to know celebrities diet and workout routines. Just read it and get this in your head that they are working out every single day and eating healthy to stay in shape.

So, that only thing that I want to point out here is that just be conscious about your health in general and don’t set your goals for summers and beach seasons instead set achievable goals regarding your health and forget about getting perfect Hollywood body just try to be better than yesterday and see the change in yourself not in celebrities sizes.

That’s what Megan think on this celebrities body and summer body. If you agree with my point just comment down below and let me know and what’s your view on this and don’t forget to subscribe to my daily newsletters and get all latest What Megan’s thinks articles in your inbox directly.